Sunday, February 28, 2016

Endurance is my hobby

Half-ironman, Belgrade 2014

Whole my life I am in a sport. When I was kid I trained karate. In elemental school I trained basketball. At high school sport was my second hobby. The first hobby was drumming. I was drummer in rock and heavy metal bends. During studding I was training long distance running in sport club Hermes. My coach was Bojan Maric

When I finished study and back to my hometown Zrenjanin I was continuing with running. Three years ago I tried triathlon. Triathlon is the most interesting hobby for me, but the most complex. In sport I like systematic, discipline and consistent training. This is very hard in triathlon in my case. I don’t have enough time. 

Now I am in sport’s “stand by”. I train a little just for fitness maintain. Last month I fell from a bike. I can’t extend my right arm. Last few years injuries have become problem. I have had problems with my hips and numb right foot during cycling. Now I also have problems with time. I am a fresh father and must do additional job. 

Because of many years in endurance sports I never give up. My best sport days will come. I am planning come back in systematic training. Is this will be running or triathlon depends of life resources. Until come back I am thinking about some adventures. I plan to ride bike from the Zrenjanin to the Brus, hometown of my wife Milica. There is the route about 280km. I plan to use some shortcuts which are go troughs very interesting countryside. I tried it once by a car. This would be one day adventure, from the sunrise to the sunset. If someone wants to join me on this please contact me.

Some of my personal bests:

5km - 16:55
10km - 35:29
half-marathon - 1:17:29
marathon - 2:52
half-ironman - 4:59
ironman – Hope one nice I will finish it. 

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