Monday, April 25, 2016

PH-PT click

I almost finish PH-PT click for the “MikroElektronika” company. This click board is interface for a PH electrode and a PT temperature probe. It contains two integrate circuits. One is the analog interface for a PH electrode and a PT probe LMP91200 and the second is analog-digital converter MCP3428. For communication with a microcontroller the PH-PT click board uses SPI for setting the analog interface LMP91200 and I2C for communication with the ADC MCP3428.

Reading PT probe is tested and it works fine. I’ll buy PH electrode and will test second functionality. 

I made a small mistake with voltage reference and I have to do a review. This would be just a little change in the PCB. There are too much administrative tasks at my job and my brain gets rusty. I must work more on a hardware and software.  

More about the “MikeoElektronika” click boards you can find on

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