Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Typical holiday

Adam and Milica

Last two weeks I was in the Brus. This is typical holiday for my family. The Brus is hometown of my wife Milica. This is a small town near Serbian famous mountain Kopaonik. There we always have a nice time.

My favorite sport activity is road bike climbing to the Kopaonik. There are four roads for climbing to the Kopaonik. I think every climb is the first category in cycling. I try every of four roads and my favorite climb is through “Kriva Reka” village. 

There are many interesting places near the Brus. Mountain Goc is also beautiful. Food is excellent there. In a future I will write more detailed about the Brus.

Top of Kopaonik mountain

Some pictures from previous holidays:  

My car preparing for the trip

Top of the hill above the Brus 

Bike climbing on the Kopaonik through "Kriva Reka" village

The old castle "Koznik" near the Brus

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